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The Sacred Warrior of the Heart is the aspect of Spirit that is able to face fear— with all the accompanying sensations that go with that fear—and generate the capacity to go beyond it at all levels.

Its main attribute and Practice Field is Courage.

It asks us to risk a change of self-perceived identity and a limited capacity for tolerating uncertainty in the self and in the external environment.  

It requires us to be willing to face Truth, and what is both Known and Unknown in the internal and external worlds.

It connects us with our desire to live as our “best self” that emerges from Essence, and

    demands that we develop our capacity to do so.

This Sacred Warrior of the Heart always asks us to do confront and transform parts of the self that are out-of-sync with our true Essence, and demands a Way of Life that consistently reveals more of that Essence to us.

To be able and willing to walk with Integrity anywhere, anytime with anyone while staying true to our Essence is the Task and the Challenge for the Sacred Warrior of the Heart.

Phase 2

The Field of the Sacred Warrior of the Heart

The Underlying Practice-Field of the Sacred Warrior of the Heart



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