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The Spiritual-Field System

This system is perpetual, developmental, cumulative, and interactive, building-up and strengthening the various Fields over time.

The Fields exist at both individual and collective levels, with each individual having a unique version of the collective Field.

There are an almost limitless number of subtle variations of specific Fields, because so many qualities can be blended subjectively in so many different combinations.

The Fields of this system are not the only qualities that influence the Spiritual Path experience.

These particular Fields—and the experiences and practices associated with them—are the essential ones that provide

    a basis for this particular theory and system.

None of these Fields exists separately—they all overlap, one always contributing to and being affected by the others.

As the system unfolds, more Fields will be added, developed integrated and embodied.

It is important to define and incorporate whatever other aspects and qualities are significant to you in addition to the ones suggested here—ones that you feel are required in order for you to manifest your Essence.

The essential core question always is, “Which Fields of energy do you choose to build-up, reinforce and strengthen, and which Fields do you choose to transform?”

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Phase 1-Presence

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An Overview of

     The Spiritual-Field System

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