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About The Greater Perspective...

The Greater Perspective is the Home for the work developed by Jan Bayshor.

As the name implies, when faced with a choice to perceive situations and Patterns either from a narrow or more expanded way, this work encourages you to choose whatever viewpoint provides the greater, long-range perspective.  

It best serves those who yearn for a life of meaning, by both expanding and deepening consciousness and awareness

It is designed to develop the capacities and practices that lead to choices based on ongoing insight, discernment and wisdom.

It invites commitment to a Way of Life that leads to the goal of fulfilling Destiny through Spiritual Service.

The work is offered in several modalities:

in print,

with images

and through sound in the form of voice recordings.

It requires the development of

multi-tracking skills,

the desire, commitment and tolerance for ongoing, consistent processes that are connected to a more complex way of being in the world.

Ways to access the work:

through online materials

meet individually face-to-face or by phone

attend a workshop

become part of a specialized small group that meets for a specific purpose in order to develop specific capacities.

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