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Consistent Expansion



The Spiritual Field-Agent and Pattern Weaver operates at full capacity as the embodiment and active integration of all of the other Fields.

Its Underlying Practice Fields are the Consistently Expanding and Deepening of Consciousness, Integrity, Discernment and Wisdom.

It requires us to be continually ready to be of Service in the most helpful and appropriate way.  

It requires an extraordinary commitment and expenditure of energy, which may also involve sacrifice on the part of the one who takes on this role and embodies this Field.

It asks that we align ourselves with the commitment to Spiritual Service, and that  we place the highest value possible on that Service as central to our Way of Life.

This requires us to make conscious choice about transforming or reinforcing patterns that are

     held by every Field that we encounter and embody.

It asks us to weave the local with the Mythic, the individual with the collective in relation to the Needs, Stories, and Patterns that are part of material world existence here on this planet.

 We must be able to participate with the conscious capacity to Remember that we are both human and Spirit with each aspect moving between the foreground and background of our experiences, each constantly part of and affecting the other.

To be able to tolerate the demands and risks related to both visible and non-visible expenditures of energy at this level of consistency and intensity is the Task and challenge for the Spiritual Field-Agent / Pattern Weaver.

Phase 5

The Field of the Spiritual Field-Agent/Pattern Weaver

The Underlying Practice-Fields of Consistent Expansion and Deepening



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