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For the Spiritual Journeyer there is a feeling that there is something beyond the day-to-day existence and experiences of the local self.

This feeling begins to bubble-up and work its way into Conscious Awareness.

This may be accompanied by a realization that life is time-limited and precious, and creates a motivation for meaning beyond a materially based existence that has been and is tied to an accumulation of impermanent objects.

For the Spiritual Journeyer, perhaps there is a feeling that something is Calling to a deeper part of the self at the Soul or Essence level.

This Calling evokes an awakening of the depths. Almost always this also awakens—or if already awakened, intensifies—a great Yearning for something more than what becomes a feeling of superficiality has been the focus of the local self.

To choose to connect consistently to and focus on Spiritual Service in the midst of worldly concerns is the Task and the Challenge for the Spiritual Journeyer.

Phase 1

The Field of the Spiritual Journeyer

The Underlying Practice-Fields of the Spiritual Journeyer



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