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The Underlying Practice-Fields of the Spiritual Journeyer

Phase 1 (continued)


Presence is more than being focused on someone or something.

It is a way of actively and qualitatively engaging in what is occurring.

It requires receptiveness and the capacity for taking in and integrating stimuli from the external environment with our own internal responses.

This requires us to develop the capacity for multi-tracking at various subtle levels of the experience while it is occurring.

When we embody Presence we work to respond in the best possible way to current situations, and to do so, we must incorporate the Fields of Conscious Awareness, Integrity, Clarity and Empathy to the best of our ability. Although the practice of Presence is not limited to developing only these Fields, they are essential and basic to the Spiritual-level experience of it.

Conscious Awareness: the consistent, deliberate capacity to track, bridge and integrate internal and external experiences

Integrity:  the capacity for unimpaired, active adherence to a set of values based on honesty, and choice-making that serves others and the Greater Good at least as much as it serves the self

Clarity: the capacity for retention, expansion and deepening of understanding, information and experience at internal and external levels

Empathy: the capacity and willingness to go beyond a limited personal perspective to participate as directly as possible in another’s perceptions and experience

Phase 1-Presence

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Phase 2-Courage

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