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About Jan...

Jan Bayshor, M.A., was trained originally as an educator, and views the acquisition of insight as an unfolding, developmental process.

With her undergraduate degree in education along with a Masters degree in Counseling, she has worked with all ages—children, adolescents and adults.

Her post-graduate work in human capacities and multicultural, spiritual systems has been the basis for her role for many years, first as a spiritually-based psychotherapist, and in recent years, as a facilitator and guide of Spiritual/Life Processes with both individuals and groups.

She has been influenced by and developed work that interweaves

o multi-leveled, whole-brain processes,

o theoretical scientific research in such areas as physics and biology,

o energetic systems theory,

o the wisdom that is woven through various multicultural viewpoints and spiritual practices.

Jan is the mother of three extraordinary children who are now adults and three exquisite grandchildren. Jan relocated from Ohio to Oregon in 2010 and is in the process of discovering new, unfolding adventures!

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