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and Adaptability

The Counterpart/Systems Share-Holder requires us to make a leap from individual to collective processes.

Its main attribute and Underlying Practice Field is a combination of Connection and Adaptability.

It asks us to seek integration between the inner self with the outer world.

When we activate our capacities related to this Field, we must expand our awareness of the effects of our choices and actions on others.

When we embody the Counterpart/Systems Share-Holder, we develop more consciousness about how to use our talents to work for the Greater Good and Collective Needs without losing our unique Essence in the process.

At the same time, we choose to adapt what we already know about our own way of manifesting our talents and needs in order to work toward appropriate goals that necessitate a collective effort.

We must learn to collaborate and discern which compromises related to individual needs are required in order to be of the utmost Spiritual Service.

Phase 4

The Field of the Counterpart/Systems Share-Holder

The Underlying Practice-Field of Connection-Adaptability



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