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The Underlying Practice-Field of Connection-Adaptability

Phase 4 (continued)


Connection-Adaptability implies that we find a way to structure the balance between the two aspects of this Field.

Connection is the Field of shared experience—of the capacity for the use of empathy as a means of creating relationship.  

There is a sense of “both/and-ness” in which we offer ourselves and our Essence to another while creating a state of receptivity for what the other offers to us.

We move beyond and experience more than what we could experience alone.

The Field of true Connection also requires us to Adapt our individual perceptions and viewpoints in order to blend with whatever the energy is of what we define as “other.”

Adaptation is the process that requires us to rearrange our way of interacting and perhaps repattern our habitual or unconscious or “normal” way of doing things.

To hold and express our Essence with clarity and at the same time discern what and how much to Adapt for the sake of Connection and the Greater Good is the Task and challenge of embodying these Fields.

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