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The Underlying Practice-Field of the Artist Adventurer

Phase 3 (continued)


Creativity is a Field that requires the use of the whole brain-body-energy system.

This in turn requires the development of capacities for both imaginative processes as well as the necessary follow-through skills needed in order to manifest inner experiences.

Creativity helps us practice the embodiment of the ebbs and flows of Creation energy.

We must learn to go beyond being only a reflection of this energy, and to act as the choreographer or orchestra leader who decides how to interconnect and translate the ebbs and flows into a fluid composition.

Creativity has a demanding quality to it.

It often exerts pressure on our systems as a means of evoking consciousness about something that needs a form.

At times in the cycle of Creation, the pressure builds within with no way to relieve it until suddenly the floodgates of inspiration open and there is a flurry of active work.

To build tolerance for the intense demands of this paradoxical cycle is part of the practice of Creativity.

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